Dinner with Aunt Millie and Uncle Fred..

Last night Allison and I went for dinner at the Moose Lodge in Attleboro with Aunt Millie and Uncle Fred. We had a fantastic meal there. The Moose Lodge is a new family restaurant that is in Attleboro over near Sturdy Memorial Hospital. It is also the future location of our Rehearsal dinner. Allison and I spoke with al Monte, the owner of the Moose Lodge and he showed us around the function room. He can basically come up with a meal for our 40+ guests that will be both delicious and inexpensive. Since they are new they are going to really try very hard to please us. Last night while we had dinner the staff (Al’s family) was very attentive and hardworking. There weren’t alot of people there, but I think in time this place will get alot more business. They’ve only been open for 3 weeks. I had the 1/3 rack of ribs and Allison had he 1/2 chicken, both meals were so large that we brought the rest home. We also sampled some rice mozambique and Uncle Freddie’s Portuguese Pork and Potatoes. All the meals were very good. We are looking forward to having our rehearsal dinner there.