Dinner with Stephen…

.. and Andy and Rondi of course. Stephen is Andy and Rondi’s Golden Doodle. A Golden Doodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Stephen is a very cute puppy, he is 10 weeks old and is very smart. He already understand the command to sit. Andy and Rondi are smart folks too because they are working really hard to train Stephen to do a number of things, one thing they are training him to do is ring a bell when he needs to go outside. So each time they take Stephen outside now, they kick little bell by the door and this is to let Stephen associate the sound to going out so then eventually he can alert Andy and Rondi that he needs to go outside.

We had a great meal of chicken on the grill, Thanks for braving the elements Andy, corn on the cob, always a treat with dinner, and a fresh salad with blue cheese crumbles and walnuts. Then for dessert we had brownies a la mode with walnuts and hot fudge.

After dinner we played a couple of board games, first up was Scene It. Allison and I took the win for that game and then we played Catch Phrase. And for two out of three the guys came out the winners. After having out hats handed to us in game one we came back to virtually sweep games two and three.

We had a great time visiting Andy and Rondi and Stephen. Stephen even became Photo-A-Day for yesterday. I took pictures of Stephen and hopped on Andy’s wireless network to upload the photo and get it in by the midnight deadline. It is great having friends who are as techno-friendly as I am.