Easy to Find a Space

Personal Parking

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00474

Each Saturday I have to still go to the office to run the physical switchboard. I’m the only one in the building except for one operations guy who is on the completely opposite side of the building. When I arrive and pull into the parking garage I am the only car there. So, never any trouble getting a spot.

It is a bit strange being in a building all by myself. Although, I am only able to go into one small space of the building. Bathroom, Desk and Vending machine area. The rest of the building is shut down as it was cleaned. All of the other buildings that we have are closed down while everyone works from home. I go in because they still want someone to watch over the switchboard.

I got pretty good sleep today. We had pre-ordered a half dozen donuts from Confectionery Designs and Allison and the kids picked them up. They have an interesting way in which to pick up the donuts. You arrive, park in front of a chair with a number on it. Then you call inside the building and tell them the number of your chair. Someone comes out and puts the donuts on the chair then they go back inside. Then you get out of your car and get the donuts. These were some really tasty donuts. They make 6 kinds each week and so we got one of each to all try them out. The one that caught our eyes was the Lemon Meringue donut. Both Allison and I wanted to try that one.