The Last Kids on Earth Toys Are Here!

The Last Kids on Earth Toys

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Jakks Pacific sent us a box full of the new The Last Kids on Earth toys for free for us to review. A full on review is forthcoming but I wanted to post this up today because Book 2 of the series has landed on Netflix today. It is worth a watch, plus it has some great voice actors.

When I was at Toy Fair a few months ago I was able to tour the Jakks Pacific booth and saw all the great toys that were coming from the company. When I left I walked by a small display on the side of the booth that had toys for The Last Kids on Earth. This is a book series by Max Brallier. I picked it up on a whim to see if Andy wanted to read it together and he has enjoyed it. We just haven’t spent as much time as I’ve wanted to actually read through the series. Andy is not a sit and listen for a long time sort of kid nor is he a sit and read for a long time sort of kid. He enjoy audio books before bed and people reading to him. He enjoys short reading and is a good reader. We’ve got to finish the second book before we watch the next installment that is on Netflix. It came out today and I really want to see it, but I also want to read the book before I see it. I think that I’ll use the toys as leverage to get the book finished. I know that Andy really wants to get to play with that Louisville-slicer.

Louisville Slicer

Jakks Pacific sent me what looks like the entire line of the toys. I’ve got all of the kids in individual packs, they each come with monsters or zombies. The box was huge and I am very appreciative. We’re going to have some fun setting up the toys to play out the books and Netflix show. When we do get to unbox these we’re going to have a bunch of fun with them.

Awesome Treehouse

The Treehouse playset. The base of operations for the kids.

June and Quint

June and Quint

Dirk Set

The Dirk Playset

Jack and Dirk  Playsets

Jack and Dirk Playsets