Eva’s First Day of School 2011

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A milestone came today. Eva’s first ever day of school. Today Eva started Pre-School this morning and it was a day of high emotions, laughter, tears, pride and happiness. And today we started that age old tradition of the first day of school photo on the front steps. My Dad would take our photo on the first day of school out on the steps of the sunporch. We have some very nice ones from over the years.

We took Eva over to school. When we arrived we ran into our friends Mike and Jen and their daughter. They were in our birth class and their daughter was born two days after Eva. They are in the same classroom too. What a very cool. So we took Eva into the school and we found her classroom. She hung her backpack up on her little hook and then it was time to go into the classroom. Eva was all ready to go too. She hugged and kissed Allison and then hugged and kissed me and she was off. Both Allison and I walked out of the school trying very hard not to cry in front of the other parents.We made it to the door and then caught up with my cousin Jen. Her kids go to the school too.

Allison went to the Manor to visit her friends and I dropped a few things off at Savers and then dropped back to the house. School for Eva is two and a half hours twice a week. The time waiting for school to get out felt like forever. What was Eva doing? Was she having fun? Was she making friends? I wondered all about this while I waited. I was so excited to see how her day went.

On my way back over I stopped at Wendy’s because they have this new soda machine that is amazing. You can select over 100 different flavors of soda in one cup. I love to mix and match flavors (Allison always says that I overdo it, I do) and wanted to try this. So I got my soda, I made a Coke Zero with Lemon, Raspberry, and Orange. Then I added Fanta Orange Zero with Fruit Punch, Grape and Raspberry. I got to try a few sips of it and then got into the car. I drove over to the school and got out of the car. I took the soda out of the car and put the soda up on the roof, or tried to. I had forgotten that my kayak was on the car and “bam!”, I dropped it all over the ground. I do not do things like that, ever. Such a smooth move.

So, I go into the school and talk with Mike and Jen a bit. Kids start getting let out of the classroom. Allison arrived just in time for Eva to get out of class. She came out and immediately hugged Allison and started crying. She was crying because she didn’t want to leave her rest towel at school.

A rest towel is a little hand towel for the kids to sit or lay on to settle down and rest. We got Eva a nice new pink one at Target the other day. She was really distraught about it but we finally got her settled down. We went off to House of Fortune for lunch. A celebration of her first day at school. Out lunch was delicious of course and Eva entertained her with stories from what she did at school. She had a fun day and made some friends. She’s excited about going back to school on Tuesday. We’re excited about parent’s night on Thursday. I’m looking forward to meeting the other parents. And next Thursday we are in charge of snacktime. I’m going to find some sort of very fun snack to bring in. Yes, I want to be that parent.

I’m very thankful to my new work schedule and being able to go to see Eva’s first day. the memories of how her first day went will stay with me forever.

After lunch I took Eva to Target and got er a special toy too. What can I say, I’m a big softee. I picked up a new Transformers Rescue Bot, Optimus Prime. I had seen these toys a few days ago. I picked up all of the human characters and figure that when I find the robot counterparts I’ll give them to Eva. The Rescue Bots is a line of Transformers that are easy for little kids to transform. Eva and I played with Prime and his partner Captain Charlie Burns. We had a great time together playing. Eva has a great imagination. I’m glad that she enjoyed the toy.

Eva was also visited by my Mom. She came over to congratulate her on the first day of school and give her some new shoes and us some things for a birthday party for Eva. We’ve got to plan a family party soon. Her kid party is planned already.

Well, time for all those school activities to get started, Parent’s night, Family Day and Dad’s night too. We’ll have a great time.

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  1. I’m all teary reading about Eva’s big adventures!! And I’m so proud of you and Allison for being such brave parents!! This is certainly a milestone to remember and I’m delighted that it seemed to be an amazing day for all of you.

  2. I was searching on the internet for some tips on how to improve my blog…but then I happened to see this blog…I find it interesting to read about other people’s experience with their kids…because I’m also a parent…you’re lucky to have a beautiful daughter…I only have two rowdy boys who are also lovable…

  3. I teared up just reading this so I can only image! I love that you are keeping the tradition of taking the first day of school picture on the front steps they are great to look back on!

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