Expanding the Funko POP! Collection

Adding to the Pops
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01075

The other day I had to go to the attic to find my Playmobil Back to the Future set. As luck would have it I found it in the very last bin that I looked in and while I was looking I found a bunch of Funko Pop figures that I had packaged up and they were still in the boxes. I have many Funko Pop! figures that I took out of the boxes and tossed out the boxes. Well, I have discovered that I can display my POP! figures in their boxes using some 3M Command Strips. So, I put up another 15 or so of them and they aren’t even all in the photo. There are more on the wall to the left. I’ve got to get back up to the attic and clean up the mess I made looking for the back to the Future toys and when I do I’ll look for more FUNKO Figures to add to the wall decorations.