Favorite Movie Tag.

I got tagged by Skeet to put up my favorite movies. 5 of them. Well, here goes. Re-watchability is one of my main criteria. If I can watch a movie over and over and still enjoy it, it makes the list. These are my top 5 most re-watchable movies.

Pump up the Volume – I just love this movie and have seen it about 50 times. I can watch it over and over. And I always get a little teary at the end. Talk Hard.

Jurassic Park – I watched that movie and said, “Wow dinosaurs are REAL!” It was such an escape movie for me. I was also very much into Crichton’s written works.

Transformers The Movie – I own about 400+ Transformers and they were my life as a kid. They really were something that I have treasured throughout time. I was stunned when they killed of Prime.

Back to the Future – The first was the best but this trilogy was fantastic. I always wanted more and just loved how they tied together. And Michael J. Fox is the man.

The Shawshank Redemption – This movie is always on but I always get sucked in whenever it is.

I tag LadyNova, Robyn and Owen