Some Days you are the windshield….

And some days you are the bug. Today Allison flew to BWI to attend a baby shower for her friend Elise. The day started with a quick trip back to the house to pick up a forgotten phone (to her credit she is not a morning person and I have done that many times myself.) Then the airline loses her bag, the one with the shower gifts in it. They were nice enough to give her a voucher for future travel and will Fed Ex the bag to her destination IF it arrives tonight. Otherwise they are going to send it back home. Fun stuff. Then I had rented Allison a car with my Hertz miles/points/scam of a crappy program. I made the reservation on the phone and talked to a live person and explained that I was renting the car for my wife. The confirmation says.


So me being a dope figures that everything is fine and dandy for Allison to pick up the rental car. Nope. When she gets to the counter the person behind the counter tells her that I cannot rent a car for her on my points, I need to be there to pick up the car. Luckily Allison was smiled upon and the woman behind the counter gave her a ticket for a free three day rental. So it should cost about the same for her as it would have for me to rent the car with my points. But wait, my points were deducted from my account. What happens to those? I’m going to be making some calls when Allison returns with the paperwork. I hope the rest of her trip goes along better.