Fawn Lebowitz Memorial Golf Tournament

The radio station in Fort Wayne was sponsoring the Fawn Lebowitz Memorial Golf Tournament to honor Fort Wayne’s most famous dead fictional character. Beth e-mailed me with the correct answer as to who Fawn was. She was an unfortunate woman who died in a tragic kiln explosion. JR sums it up better than I do.

“The only Fawn Lebowitz I remember is from Animal House at Dickinson College for Girls. She died in a Kiln Explosion. Otter uses this information to acquire dates for he and his fraternity brothers. Which leads to my favorite quote while the group is listening to Otis and his band.””You gentlemen mind if we dance with yo dates?”

Yep that Fawn Lebowitz.

So this morning I got up at 4:00am in Fort Wayne, made my way to the airport. The roads around Fort Wayne are a tragic mess. I decided not to use my directions which had turn right onto unnamed road more than once. I looked at the map and figured it was a couple of turns, well it was I just didn’t count on how many turns it was. I got to the airport in plenty of time but that is because I am neurotic about missing flights. When my plane landed in Atlanta to transfer to the flight to Tallahassee The ground crew was not ready so we sat on the plane for 15 minutes and I had 20 minutes to get from one end of the airport to the other, luckily they have trains. But when I got to the plane I was the absolute last person to board the plane. It was pretty near empty and yet someone was sitting in my seat. How difficult is it to read the first 6 or 8 letters of the alphabet and watch them to the little pictures. Honestly how hard is it. Sometimes I wish the stupid virus would just kick off those infected. But I grabbed a row to myself and slept for the short 36 minute flight.

I stopped at the Capital City Harley Davidson in Tallahassee, FL. Thom the owner was very nice and gave me a pin and an oil cover sticker free. Sweet. The pin is just a generic round dealer pin but hey it was nice to get one free.

I then made my way to the hotel. I was there way to early and got a nasty reception from a very large and in charge woman at the front desk. I got there at 12:00 and could not check in till 3:00. So I drove around for an hour looking for a place to eat and a movie theatre. I also wanted to get a bathing suit. I needed to jump in a pool.

I finally found an AMC theater and because I am an AMC Movie Watcher I used my AMC Movie Watcher card and got a free small popcorn. Sweet. I saw the Transporter 2.

Let me tell you Jason Statham kicks ass seven ways from Saturday. He is so cool. There were times during the movie where everyone in the theatre gasped or cheered or clapped at his moves. This movie had some much action in it. Granted it was way over the top and far out of the realm of possibility but it was so fun to watch. If you haven’t seen The Transporter then check it out, then go and see Transporter 2.

So after I saw Transporter 2. I went and picked up two bathing suits, one from Pacific Sun (for a simple $10.00 for a $45.00 overpriced pair of water friendly shorts) and a pair for $4.98 at Burlington coat factory. One thing I noticed is that there are not alot of bathing suits for sale. I stopped at a Wal-mart, a TJ Maxx and these stores and there were very few to choose from. The thing is I am in FLORIDA. It is sunny and warm and time to go swimming almost year round, I would think that bathing suits would always be in stock. I was wrong.

So now I am going on a photo safari to hopefully capture one of the little lizards that are running all over the place. I want one for Photo-A-Day.

Also my good friend and a dang funny woman Mo now has her own blog. It is called http://wereinafight.blogspot.com/. Visit her and throw her a hello.