Final Target

I have been reading Iris Johansen’s book Final Target. The book is shorter than her regular books and is not part of a series but it does have some character’s from some of her other books. Sean Galen is in this book. He also appears in some of the Eve Duncan series of books as well as some of the other series. The thing I find most off putting about the Iris Johansen books is that I can never tell if I am reading them out of order. The books are good reads and are entertaining. I like her characters. I don’t like that her female characters always end up in danger because they didn’t listen to the male characters. We get it, she’s a strong independent woman and she is not gonna take any crap from anyone but many times these are women who are inexperienced in dealing with the nefarious villains of Iris’ books. This book also has a couple of those moments. But I do enjoy reading the books, they are entertaining. I think we have another non-series book at the house. I though have taken it with me. There are only so many podcasts I can watch while sitting in the airport.

I am not saying anything about women being the gentler sex and all that I am just relaying what I have observed in many of the books.