I finished all of my podcasts for Best Night Ever and moved on to a couple of other ones that I had downloaded but haven’t had a chance to watch. The one I am watching now is GeekBrief.TV. I love it. Cali Lewis is the host of GeekBrief.TV. Cali give us a brief podcast about great tech items. The show is about 4-5minutes of really interesting tech items that Cali uses or is reviewing. At the end of the podcast she does outtakes too. I was reading through the GeekBrief.TV blog that Cali was in the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. Well not on the one that played during the Super Bowl but rather the extended version that is online. I look forward to viewing more of these podcasts. They even did one about making your own podcast and they mentioned the Sanyo Xacti HD1A 5.1MP MPEG4 High-Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom as good camera to produce podcasts. It made me rethink the possibility of purchasing one in the future.