Funko Pop Transformers Bumblebee and Target Exclusive

Funko Pop Transformers Bumblebee
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00734

I was very excited to find out that Funko was making Pop! versions of some of my favorite Transformers characters. I pre-ordered all of them on Amazon and then found a Target exclusive version of Bumblebee. The Target version is the Chevy Camaro version and the regular is Bumblebee’s VW Bug version. These will go in a collection with Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Jazz and Megatron. I was going to shoot all of them but the Megatron one is still on the way. Once he arrives I will see about getting my originals out to shoot with them, although I never got Megatron as a kid because he was a gun. I never even picked up a re-issue of it because his toy was always loose and didn’t stand well. I do like that in the latest series he is a tank, that makes much more sense.