Goodbye to a friend

Today Allison and I were on the Cape to attend the memorial service for our longtime friend and neighbor Mel Smith. Mel passed away last Friday. He had been our neighbor since we moved in to the Cape house. We spent many times his house visiting with Mel and his wife Shirley. We got to know the family very well over the years and my parent’s even vacationed with the Smiths back in 1983. We got to see some of those pictures this morning at the house and one at the memorial service.

Mel was an outstanding individual. He will be missed very much. His family gave many good testimonials about Mel and his life. The true testament was the number of people there to pay honor to this man. Our neighborhood lost a good man but his memory lives on. It felt very strange to come out of the house and not see Mel on his porch entertaining friends, laughing and smiling or working around his house.

Mel and Shirley at our wedding.

Mel’s obituary.