Great, another one I can’t watch without nightmares.

It is an M. Night Shyamalan movie and I like them, The Sixth Sense was great and I liked Unbreakable. I haven’t seen Signs or The Village yet. However, I have just seen this trailer and I can tell you why I probably won’t see this one, Lady in the Water. It is the wolf thing that is in the movie. There is a part of the trailer where it busts through a wall.

You see, there was a movie based on a Steven King book (Cycle of the Werewolf) called Silver Bullet. In one part of the movie a werewolf busts through the wall of a house. You see werewolves are not like vampires, they are ferocious and won’t be stopped by mere doors and the lack of an invitation. Only a silver bullet can stop them. That is it. Werewolves can come crashing right through walls without you least suspecting it. That scares the crap out of me. I happened to see this scene in Silver Bullet when I was younger and that was it for me. No werewolf movies for me. And I bet I would really like Underworld and Underworld – Evolution. And I like wolves. It is just that werewolves scare me beyond good sense and reason.

But Lady in the Water does look like it will be another classic Shyamalan flick. And Paul Giamatti is a good actor. This will probably be very interesting and also very scary, not so much for gore but rather for suspense and shock value.

Also the movie Eragon will be coming to theatres on December 15th, and Jeremy Irons plays a good guy, can you beleive it. But John Malkovich plays a bad guy, not surprising. No trailer for this yet, oh well. But there is a unique video game coming out for the playstation that allows up to 4 players to get into the action including areas where on player can be Eragon and the other his dragon Saphira.