18 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 06/17/07”

  1. Chigiy,
    I’ve been having fun with my macro. I’m pretty sure the color is a result of a little cross pollination experiment last season.

  2. What a gorgeous shot — definitely looks like plenty o’ fun with the macro. Thanks for sharing it and happy Green Thumb Sunday!

  3. Hi there Lynn,
    My sister planted about 7 varieties of Lilies. They are popping up all over the place around here. I checked out your blog, wow you have a ton of things going on in the back yard. Awesome!

  4. Hi Genie, Yeah, the macro was the toy of the week last week. I finally figured out how to use it properly and I went and used it with everything.

  5. Your lilies are just beautiful. I love all lilies…I’m suprised I didn’t name my firstborn “Lily”! My very favorite is the simplest, the tiger lily. I don’t even own one at my new home. I hope to remedy that soon. Hope you had a great GTS.

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