Photo-A-Day #799 06/16/07


This is Tasha, she hates me. Tasha is our friends Ryan and Amy’s cat. Tasha likes to hiss at me and warn me when I come too close. The only person she seems to tolerate is Ryan and Amy’s son. We went over to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Allison made him a beautiful sweater and I got him a Robot Heroes 2 pack with Optimus Prime and Ravage. We had a nice cook out and then played Would You Rather and Wii Bowling.

Today was the last day to submit entries in the BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest. In all I received seven entries.

They are from:

On Monday the voting will begin promptly at 8:00am. You can vote every day for 2 weeks for your favorite post.

Today I received my GeekFitters Geek T shirts. I wore my “Part time Ninja” one over to Ryan and Amy’s, Ryan loved it. Here are the two Shits that I got.

Dry T-Shirt Contest Winner

Part Time Ninja

I took both shots with my brand new XShot, I am enjoying this product very much. You can get $5.50 off and XShot by using my Promo Code “SparkRocks

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