Green Thumb Sunday 07/08/07

Green Thumb Sunday

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Green Thumb Sunday - 07/08/07

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I shot this one outside my house, there had just been a rainfall. I love all the lilies that are around the house, my sister planted so many nice ones.

Just to let you Green Thumbers know, I started a contest on Monday on this blog. It is for a photography related product. I have 3 to give away and anyone from anywhere can participate. So if you want to Win an XShot from BenSpark jump over to the contest and enter.

14 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 07/08/07”

  1. Heya Ben- it’s Derami and it’s been a while! I’ve been busy but working on my new blog … come stop by some time and join the community 😉

  2. Thank you very much Michelle. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Wow, you have quite the collection of images for GTS.

  3. Hi Drew,
    Nice day lily, love shots with rain on them and guess what i haven’t been able to do any for two whole days as it hasn’t rained whooooo

  4. Mark,
    I am in Florida and it has rained almost every single day. So lots of flowers with drops on them.

  5. What a beautiful flower and all the more beautiful with the raindrops on it. What type of lily is it?
    Sara from farmingfriends

  6. Hi Sara,
    I am not sure what type of lily it is. My sister is the one with the green thumb in the family. I just appreciate them and photograph them. I’ll try and find out.

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