10 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 09/16/07”

  1. The sunflower is such an excellent photograph subject and my favourite flower too. A great photo – I say this every week but it is true.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. Hi Drew,
    The sunflower is certainly on that can be photographed at all stages of its growth and it is even interesting when it has finished as the seeds also make a good image.

    Cheers Mark

  3. Sara,
    I look forward to your comments and I am very glad that you come by each week and comment. I really appreciate it. I just love taking photos of sunflowers.

  4. Thanks Aiyana,
    I go like how the bud looks, and with the fuzzy hairs on it are very cool. Thanks for coming back each week to comment and support my photography.

  5. Mark,
    I have been taking photos of this sunflower each day for a while for my sister. She is going to take the images to work with her and share them with her students.

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