Photo-A-Day #890 09/15/07

Tonight we bid farewell to a legend. Well, a legend in our circle of friends. Dr. Derek is leaving for South Dakota at the end of the month and we went to the Royal Panda for one last night of Karaoke. Allison and I worked especially hard to make these shirts for the event. Derek really liked them and I was very happy for that. We made the shirts with some Avery Iron on transfers and a few shirts with color for Derek, Michelle, Neil, Andrea, Allison and me. We even made a small one for baby Nicholas. I screwed up and got light shirt transfers and we didn’t realize it until Allison made the first shirt, so today we went off and bought some dark shirt transfers (we had already laundered the first set of shirts) and some white t-shirts. So we had some extras that we gave to Jimmy, Kathy, Michelle’s sister and Kerri. Everyone put them on except for Kerri, she didn’t want to mess up her outfit. not sure who she was trying to impress.

Well, we looked like the fan club for Dr. Derek’s “Burning Love” Farewell Tour 2007. And why not the guy sings very well, but we only got to see him go up once in a duet with Kerri. We didn’t even get to see him sing Burning Love. That irked me. He could have gotten a chance to go up again between his first time up and the next two hours. Instead we were subjected to quite a few tone deaf regulars and some of the DJ’s favorites. Oh well. I took some other photos and will post them tomorrow.