Handknit Heroes

Handknit Heroes
Photo-A-Day #1434

Allison is amazing with knitting. She does creates some great items. She’s working now on a fantastic heirloom blanket. I can’t even imagine how she does all of this. She has created some great stuff in just under two years. Her skills are improving greatly each and every time she creates something new. Allison told me that shes like to start reading some comic books of her own. She went and purchased a comic book called Handknit Heroes, a comic with a knitting tie-in.

I read this comic and it was a pretty good first time out, origin story. The art was decent and but the story needed a little more direction.

I’m going to have BenSpark.com hats for Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs. Our friend Dot went back to the sewing machine and tweaked the logo a bit and she was able to make a good replication of the logo. So Allison brought her the hats to get stitched up. I’m pretty excited.

7 thoughts on “Handknit Heroes”

  1. Connie,

    I don’t beleive that you have no creative bones, you blog don’t you, and it is a really nice blog so there is something creative. But I also know what you mean, I look at the things Allison makes and I am floored with how awesome they are.

  2. Your wife is very talented, I hope that sewing is not lost from some “average” households. Such simple fabrics turned into wonderful garments and cloth creations!

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