An Amazing Video

I’ve been talking about Dolphin Bubbles for a while now and it looks like mainstream media is picking up on this amazing phenomenon. The video above just aired on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson. It is pretty amazing how the dolphins just go and blow those bubbles out of their blowholes and then they play with the bubble rings. It seems that they go and teach other dolphins how to blow the bubbles and they play together. Play is an amazing thing that is so much fun to watch.

I think that watching the play of the dolphins is something incredible that makes going to SeaWorld so much fun. The wonder that you see in the eyes of children is what makes a trip to SeaWorld so worth it. Each time we take Eva to SeaWorld she wants to spend so much time at the dolphin pool. She made Auntie Mo stay there for over an hour just watching the dolphins play in the pool.

We have the opportunity to head down to SeaWorld this October for IZEAFest 2009. Auntie Mo is going to take care of Eva for 3 days. I bet you that by the end of those three days Eva and Auntie Mo are going to have some amazing stories, pictures and video to put on the Dolphin Bubbles blog. Yes, you can submit your own Dolphin Bubbles stories which is awesome. I love how the blog has stories from tons of other people who have gone to visit SeaWorld and the amazing dolphins there.


2 thoughts on “An Amazing Video”

  1. For years scientists have been saying animals and humans have little in common, but the more i see of behavior like that, the more I think we are alike.

  2. Maddie,
    You are correct, seeing this behavior certainly does make me feel more connected. It is simply amazing.

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