Saint Patrick's Day Dinner

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2011!

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Today was Saint Patrick’s Day and I made my favorite once a year meal (twice if you count me going to see my friend Dan last Saturday, which I do): Corn Beef and Cabbage (although we forgot the cabbage). I started two cuts of Corned Beef in the Crock Pot on low at 6:00am and we took them out at 6:00pm. The meat was so tender and flavorful. I covered the Corned Beef with a can of Yuengling, a bottle of natural Root Beer, water and some pickle juice (might sound gross but the flavors mixed so well).

Our friends Michele and Bob came over with their kids Nate and Audrey. Eva was so thrilled with her friends. They played like crazy and even did some coloring of a Leprechaun from Projects for Preschoolers. Michele and Bob brought over dessert and that was a bit hit, cupcakes for the kids and key lime pie for the adults. Allison made a delicious Irish Soda Bread, probably the best ever. It was a great night.

Saint Patrick's Day Dinner

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11 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2011!”

  1. The best part of St. Patty’s is definitely the corned beef and cabbage! You certainly have an interesting recipe there. I would be interested in trying it. Did you find it online somewhere?

    1. Kate,

      Nope, I just went and poured stuff in. I figure if it boils all day long its going to boil out much of the taste. I may have used too much pickle juice but everyone liked it very much. I often use Guinness when I make this.

  2. i will have to look yuengling, because i’m a pretty crappy cook and don’t know a lot of ingredients :o/ lol oh wait, did you say it was a root beer? and it was mixed with pickle juice? it does sound gross, but maybe it tastes better than it sounds :o)

  3. The root beer addition is interesting. I have heard of people basting ham in cola but never heard about root beer and CB. It sounds like it might be good.

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