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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2011!

Photo-A-Day #2169

Today was Saint Patrick’s Day and I made my favorite once a year meal (twice if you count me going to see my friend Dan last Saturday, which I do): Corn Beef and Cabbage (although we forgot the cabbage). I started two cuts of Corned Beef in the Crock Pot on low at 6:00am and we took them out at 6:00pm. The meat was so tender and flavorful. I covered the Corned Beef with a can of Yuengling, a bottle of natural Root Beer, water and some pickle juice (might sound gross but the flavors mixed so well). Continue reading Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2011!

Hugging Duncan

Hugging Duncan
Photo-A-Day #1378

Eva loves Duncan.

Eva has been out of sorts for the past few days. Today we took her for her scheduled well baby checkup and she has gained 2lbs and grown another inch. She’s also doing much better, still a little whiny and grumpy. She’s getting plenty of sleep at night but not doing so well with the naps. She won’t stay down. Hopefully she’ll be a little better tomorrow.

Eva and Duncan are buddies. Eva plays on her Yuengling box in the kitchen (and by play I mean she sits on it and watches momma and daddy wash dishes). Duncan also climbs onto the box and rubs up against Eva. He is very tolerant of her and she’s pretty gentle with him. We don’t leave them alone or anything, it is just nice that they get along.