Having some Mojo Sauce with our Chicken

Having some Mojo Sauce with our Chicken

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00595

We tried some of the Knock It Off She’s The Boss Barbeque Sauce with our dinner last night. That is some good BBQ sauce! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

After our dinner we decided to play the #UpsideDownChallenge Game and it was really funny. Vango Toys sent us a free copy of the game to play with and to review. You basically put on these goggles that make everything look upside down and then you have to do some challenges like draw things or pour water from one cup to another. They are very tricky when your perception is changed. We made a couple of videos while playing the game.

The Family Playing with the #UpsideDownChallenge Game

Playing Fortnite while using the #UpsideDownChallenge Game Goggles