Herb Chambers Does Good…

I wrote about the guy Mike Demello whose truck was tipped over right after the World Series. The poor guy is a traveling nurse who makes very little money. Well the other day Mike was on the Matty in the Morning show and Herb Chambers came in and gave Mike a new truck in exchange for the insurance check he received for his totaled truck. It was a used truck but one similar to the one that Mike lost. They tried to find the exact one but gave him a 2005 truck with 16,000 miles on it for the $5,000.00 insurance check that Mike received.

That is something that I expected someone would step up and do. I’m glad to see Herb Chambers was the one to do it. Makes me think that I should check out Herb Chambers Honda when I’m looking to upgrade my next ride.

Great Job Herb chambers and Matty in the Morning.

4 thoughts on “Herb Chambers Does Good…”

  1. I think this is awesome, as well. Chambers can afford it, and it is nothing but good PR for his business.

    And, as a Red Sox fan, I will NEVER condone such behavior, destroying vehicles and all. I never understood that. Why can’t we all just be happy and celebrate safely?

    We’re gonna start getting the same bad rep that Y*****s fans do, if we haven’t, already. C’mon BOSTON, we’re better than that!

    And we are…yay for Herb Chambers for giving him a new truck! There are a lot of good people in the world!

  2. I hat hearing about when fans go crazy about a game. It is ridiculous. When I saw the story on TV I got so mad and I thought to myself that there is going to be someone who will step up to help this guy. The jerks who did it will never come forward but someone outside will help. With so many big time car dealers in the area it was nice to see one help out. And it certainly was good PR for Herb Chambers. I’m checking them out for my next Honda, no doubt.

  3. i’m glad chambers did it. but i had a run in with his company in connecticut and will never deal with them at ALL. i know it is twenty years later: but you know how the bad stuff just sticks forever and the good stuff is never said. you said the good stuff.

  4. I know how bad things certainly do stick with you. It is like that thing where when you have good service you tell no one and when you get bad service you tell everyone. Glad they did this for Michael.

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