Photo-A-Day #940 11/04/07

Today Allison and I took Eva over to Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro. Sure she isn’t quite old enough to see the animals and really enjoy it but it is a nice place to go and visit. Getting out and walking around on a nice fall day was fun. I took a ton of photos that weren’t all of Eva either.

I was looking back through my photos and Allison and I went to the Zoo in May of 2006. It was back when I said, someday we would go to the zoo with our future kids. We went there to take a walk and so I could photograph the animals. There are some beautiful animals at the Capron Park Zoo. We even got a Family Membership to the zoo so we can go back whenever we would like.

I just love seeing the lions and I am happy to see that the zoo is looking to adopt a 2 year old White Lion. We bought Eva a photo of the White Lion to help the fund raising efforts. The zoo hopes to breed this male White Lion with the female lions. The female lions at the zoo carry the gene for the white color form. I look forward to the arrival of the new White Lion.

Whew, made it through that whole post without a “When the Children Cry” Joke. You can view my Capron Park Flickr Set. You can also see all of my visits to the zoo in my Capron Park Collection.

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  2. Gorgeous photos!! The lions are definitely a favorite of mine. I love all the big cats. I’ve always loved going to zoos. Just something very relaxing about it. Very cool about the white lion! Gorgeous animals!

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