If it Walks Like a Duck

If it Walks Like a Duck
Photo-A-Day #1427

Each morning when I drive into work I see the swan pond. I keep thinking to myself that I want to get out during the day to take a couple of shots of the swans. I didn’t get the swans as you can see because the ducks looked really cool while walking on the ice. They would start moving fast and suddenly slip a bit. I don’t know but it was a little funny to watch.

4 thoughts on “If it Walks Like a Duck”

  1. Cool photo although I find the fact that the 2nd duck is out of focus distracting. I like the reflection of the ducks in the ice.

    I would like to see you shoot the same shot with a smaller appeture say f22 so that you get the background duck more in focus or shot it wide open so that the backgound it blurred out more. Right now my eye is drawn to the 2nd duck (the female) and it is dristracting to me.

    Good shot though the lighting is awesome the colors on the male duck look good. Nice effort overall

  2. Stephen,
    I love the feedback and see it now, I see what you are talking about. I may go and re-crop this like the example you e-mailed me, I can get a really good photo from this one, I think. I’ll be revisiting the duck pond.

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