Clueless Klepto and the Cluttered Car

Clueless Klepto and the Cluttered Car
Photo-A-Day #1426

This is the sad state of my back seat. I have some crazy stuff in there. Mardi Gras Beads, A Remote Control Van that is MP3 player ready, Oir Old Computer and a bunch of books that need to find homes. You will also notice that I have a Stop & Shop basket in the back seat. On Monday I stopped at S & S to pick up a few things and somehow walked right out with a basket. I stopped at S & S to bring back the basket. I was also there to see if I could find some Fortune Cookies. We had some fortune cookies from the chocolate lovers stroll and the past couple of days I’ve taken them to work and taken photos of them for Twitpic and Utterli. I’ve been toying with a new feature on this blog that has to do with fortune cookies. I even posted about my Amazon Wishlist on the off crazy chance that someone wanted to get me some fortune cookies. Heck if John Chow can go and twitter that he wanted someone to buy him a drink at a bar maybe someone wants to send me fortune cookies.

Tonight I ran down to Speed of Thought Playhouse to return the Printer Driver CD for their printer. Apparently I’ve had it in my CD drive for over a week. I just realized it today. I seriously wonder what is going on, I don’t go forgetting things like this. It must be the focus on the major projects that are all coming together at once like Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs. FYI, Jeremy Kendall of Gimme BluFrog is pretty excited about the event too because he is sending me a case of BluFrog Energy Drink to give as prizes. I’m really looking forward to this event but really need to step up the advertising. I’ve been unsuccessful so far at getting the local newspapers to pick p the story so I’m going to try again tonight.

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  1. Baba,
    Oh that car seat, it does need to be cleared out, things need to find homes like the computer. I thought I had someone willing to take it the other day, I had moved it to the car because there was a store in town that would buy old computers for parts, they closed. So from there the computer came to live in my car. It just needs someone to spend a little time on it and maybe fix it up. Someone who has more aptitude than I do.

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