Albino “Pink” Dolphin in Lake Calcasieu

Allison sent me a link to this story about a “pink” dolphin that was spotted with a pod of other dolphins in Lake Calcasieu. The dolphin is actually an albino and has pink eyes. That is quite a story and I think that there should be a post about it on Dolphin Bubbles, the SeaWorld blog for dolphins.

If that news didn’t make you smile then you have to watch this awesome video I watched this morning. It is a short film, 16 minutes, starring TJ Thyne of Bones. The short film is called Validation.

Please watch before you read my comments below.

Did you watch it? If you didn’t then don’t read my comments below as they could possibly be spoilers.

Didn’t you just love that little film, it was inspiring. I really enjoyed how things came about throughout the whole film. No violence, no swearing, good storytelling and I love the Black and White. The evolution of the characters and I really loved the realization that no one had ever validated Hugh before. I know it might be overly sentimental but it worked, it left me smiling. I hope it did the same for you.

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  1. Andrea,

    I liked it as well. It made my morning workout fly by. And I of course like TJ Thyne. That guy did a great job.

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