I’m Spicy!

Do you remember the Office commercials from Burger King. They guy who makes up his own catchphrase? No. Well, here it is.


and the reason that I am posting this is because I want to tell you about SpicyPage. I have just signed up with it and if you haven’t signed up your own blogs to SpicyPage then you should go and do that now. SpicyPage is basically a site where you add your blog and other blogger or other people in general come to the page and vote on your site, they vote thumbs up or thumbs down whether or not your site is Spicy. I have a few votes for this site and set up spicy counters on both this site and Flatwater Bookstore. So why don’t you sign up with SpicyPage (it is free) and give a spicy vote to The BenSpark and Flatwater Bookstore. Thanks, my voting widget is at the bottom of the page.