Photo-A-Day #659 01/27/07

Today Allison and I went to Jordan’s Furniture in Reading, MA. We met up with our friend Maureen and her sister Peggy and brother Bob as well as her cousin Julie, Peggy’s friend Heather and Mo’s friend Linda. This photo is of Bob, Linda, Maureen, Allison and Peggy.

We met for lunch at Fuddruckers, which was right inside Jordan’s Furniture. Fuddruckers is know for their large and tasty burgers. We each got a Barry and Eliot burger. Barry and Eliot are the two brothers who are the face of Jordan’s Furniture. The burgers were very tasty and Fuddruckers has a large condiment bar where you can put many things on your burger and make it how you like it.

Allison and I got to Jordan’s Furniture a little early, but not to worry, Jordan’s Furniture is not like any other furniture store. Inside they have BeanTown which is a huge display made out of Jelly Belly jelly beans. The theme is BeanTown because that is a nickname for Boston and all the things there are a play on Boston and Boston landmarks. They have a n exhibit called liquid fireworks and it is amazing. It is water shot out of tubes that is lit up with different colors and set to music. They also have an indoor trapeze that you can learn how to use.

The main reason we went was to celebrate Peggy’s birthday and see Night at The Museum at the IMAX that was also within the Jordan’s Furniture. Was there furniture there? Yes, they have tons of beautiful furniture inside. The movie was very funny and I was entertained. They don’t show trailers for non IMAX movies so I didn’t see the Transformers trailer. Oh well I’ll see it eventually on the big screen.

We also gave Maureen the Soda maker, and she and Peggy are very excited to start using it. Maureen is going to start with PayPerPost posts soon. Her blog, We’re in a Fight is very funny and you should check it out. I wish Maureen good luck as a Postie. And I’m here if she needs any help.

Here are some photos from today. I think my Sanyo Xacti C4 is on its last legs however. It is having a terrible time focusing with the still shots but the video is still going strong except you can now hear the lens making focus adjustments. Well I can hear them as I review clips and edit them with my earphones on. I think it is time to retire my longtime faithful camera. I’m sad to have to do it but it isn’t going to be reliable and I need a reliable camera I can travel with. Anyway, the pictures.

Allison and Peggy each won ducks at the duck boat races.

A Giant Wally the Green Monster

Jelly Belly Ducks.

Today is also my friend Derek’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Derek. I hope you got all the Wii games you wanted.