Into The Fray

Into the Fray
Photo-A-Day #1390

Here the Autobots are advancing upon me from my desk. I have my little army set up in their respective factions, Autobot vs. Decepticon. I took most of my toys home when I moved desks but decided that a little room could be spared for my Robot Heroes. They are one of the more fun toys to collect from Hasbro because they are G1 themed Transformers. I am pretty much only going to get G1 themed Transformers toys form now on, if I get them at all. I waited for a while till major sales and clearances started happening and I picked up a few more of the Transformers Universe characters like Springer, Ratbat and Onslaught.

Depicted in the picture here we have Mirage, Hound, Sunstreaker, Bumblebee, Arcee, Blaster, Ironhide (hidden by Hound’s arm), Jazz (behind Ironhide), Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, Hotrod, and two Optimus Primes (One holding the matrix).

But today is not about toys it was about getting down to business. I just learned that more responsibilities will be coming my way at work and so I am mentally getting myself back into shape to be a more productive employee. I am also taking time to read some of the books that grace my desk and learn how I can apply what is in each book to both my job and to my blogs. Today I started reading Combinations by Ed Gerety. Each morning I will read a chapter as I eat breakfast, and then I will pick out what I learned from the reading and share it.

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