Kayaking In British Columbia

I visited Vancouver British Columbia quite a few times but I never got the chance to go and explore and do any kayaking. I really wanted to get to go out kayaking. Kayaking in British Columbia is supposed to be utterly amazing. I want to get back out there someday and do some kayaking in a place where I could potentially be kayaking near Orcas.

While I love Cape Cod it just isn’t the great northwest. There is just something about being able to kayak alongside whales and in places where you could possibly see bears. There is a place called Johnstone Strait where there are 220 resident Orcas. In addition there are dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, minke whales, eagles and black bears. I could take some amazing photos if I could get out that way. I’d love to do that someday, so I’m going to start saving for an expedition out to the northwest.

I found this website called Spirit of the West Adventures. I was looking for different logos because David Airey is redesigning a logo for me for this blog. How awesome is that? Actually since I have no logo for this site he’s designing one. I won it in his wicked awesome $4,000 contest.