XShot Photo Winners

I apologize for the long wait on this guys. We have decided on our winners and their winning photos for the XShot 2 contest. The winner of First Prize and $100.00 is John with his photo at the Washington Monument. look how the XShot enabled John to get not only two people but the entire monument itself. Awesome.

John Brian Silverio - XShot 2 Entry

The winner of Second Place and $75.00 is Christine with her tribute to the Red Sox. Christine was able to capture herself and her surroundings with the XShot.

Christine - XShot 2 Contest Entry

The winner of third place and $50.00 is Raesmom. She used her XShot to capture a bird’s eye view of her daughter in the yard. Beats having to get up on a ladder to get a shot like that.

Raesmom - XShot 2 Contest Entry

Thanks to the participants. I appreciate your patience in finding out who won. I will contact you all soon with details on your winnings.

6 thoughts on “XShot Photo Winners”

  1. Congrats to John and Christine! What some great photos. I do love the Washington Monument one, too. After visiting his blog, John’s photos are really impressive.

  2. Yeah, John has some really good stuff on his site. I think he did some great shots for the contest as did you and Christine.

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