Last Day of Kayak Camp 2021

Last Day of Kayak Camp
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00933

Today was the last day of KayakCamp for the kids. They have had so much fun. Eva has tried three different things. She had a small Kiwi kayak for the first day and on day two Justine suggested that they bring Eva a better kayak because she had good control. Today Eva did a stand up paddle board and she loved it. She and Andy both enjoyed stand up paddle boarding more than kayaking. It is great that they had the chance to try them out.

I did bring my drone with me today. I ended up with getting some good footage and had the memory card as well so that I could record things properly. I did a decent job of flying the drone and filming. I made a mistake in landing and dumped the drone into the sand. I am hoping that with some compressed air there won’t be too much lasting damage.

After Kayak Camp we took the kids to Science School. Allison and I walked around Woods Hole. We had our lunch by Garbage Beach and there was a cool old rowboat there.

Old Boat

We continued walking around the town and stopped at a small chapel for some shade. I shot a panorama of the inner harbor of Woods Hole.

Woods Hole Inner Harbor

Tonight we had our cook out and enjoyed some great burgers and dogs. It was only fitting as it was National Hot Dog Day.

National Hot Dog Day