Pizza Night On The Beach

Lifeguard stand photo
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00932

Today was the second day of Kayak Camp for the kids and today I brought my drone. However, the memory card was not in it so I was not able to capture anything substantial and the images were of low quality. I also have to replace some of the rotors that had gotten chewed up by a tree on a previous flight. I kept getting messages that the rotors were going too fast or something like that. I did not get that message back on the 4th of July. The image below was taken with the drone but sent to my phone it is of lower quality but it does capture the kids looking at the camera and the other kids in their class looking away.

Kayak Camp

Tonight we had dinner on the beach. My friend Stephanie was supposed to come over for dinner and we were going to do a cook out but plans got changed around a bit and instead we did pizza on the beach thanks to Auntie Tara. We also got the yearly photo of the kids in the Lifeguard chair. They’ve gotten much bigger and so they don’t all fit seated together.