Little Miss Sunshine

Last night Allison and I watched Little Miss Sunshine with Tara and Erik. What a good movie. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found it touching, tragic and fantastic all at once. We had some chicken soup, that Tara made, for dinner. It was delicious. Then we settled down to watch the movie. I loved the whole family and the outrageousness of their issues as well as the mundaneness of their lives. They were a real set of people with real problems and the frankness with which they talked about their problems was touching and tragic at the same time. I loved Alan Arkin as the grandfather. He just tends to make each movie better. I don’t want to give anything away because I think that knowing as little about this movie as possible before seeing it makes it so wonderful. The actors were fantastic and so fitting. I was really happy to have seen this movie. I’m rooting for it in the Oscars now.