Monday 11/13/06 Hs/Ss TV recap

How I Met Your Mother – Neil Patrick Harris as Barney makes this show. I love all the things that he does. He is just so funnny. The Chinese gambling game was a riot and having Marshall figure it out was classic. All of the Chinese guys coming up to Barney and saying “suit up” and “Legen – wait for it – dary” You knew that Marshall and Lilly weren’t going to get married but the whole, “What was that look” thing was great. Ted getting the hots for Robin’s shirt. Robin’s cameraman.

How I Met Your Mother – Another great episode. I’m glad that Lilly and Marshall are waiting to get married. And Barney gambling was too funny for words. Well done.

The Class – I like Jason Ritter and think he is a good actor. I like the relationship that is coming along with Kat, they are so different but there is a chemistry there. I’m not sure if I think poor Richie or Richie you brought this on yourself. Here’s a guy who has been trampled because he hasn’t been able to stand up for himself. He did once by whistleblowing on his company and that took some guts so why didn’t that carry over on his life. Sitcom rule, if you are going to lie, you are going to get caught at the worst possible time, which is usually right after you decided to come clean but right before you actually do come clean. The corollary to that is it takes the rest of the season or more for you to get back into the good graces of the person to whom you have lied.

The Class – I went from shrieking with joy that Richie decided to leave his wife to sitting dumbfounded when his wife walked into Lina’s apartment. I think that what Richie is doing is wrong, but at the same time, he’s been unhappy with his wife and should move on if his marriage is not a life that he wants to live.

Heroes – Poor Hiro, he found a sweet girl who liked him and she gets killed by Sylar. But does she? Hiro dissapears and does not come back but is seen in a picture on the wall. Did he save the girl? Is this what caused him to dissapear for weeks (back in an earlier episode). Will Claire be saved? I like Greg Grunberg’s character more and more. He is stronger than he lets on, he is not a quitter. It is too bad that he couldn’t help Ted more. We will see him again. Hopefully he won’t be what causes the destruction of New York. No sign of Niki, D.L., Micha, Peter, or Nathan this week. We learned this week that Claire’s dad is not evil, or is he? I would like to think that he is a father who is truly afraid for his daughter and wants to do everythign to protect her. Oh and he works for a shady government papermill.

Heroes – Interesting epoisode. Each week we learn more about the people with powers. I’m really interested in learning Sylar’s motivation for killing the people with the powers…

CSI Miami – Pretty standard CSI stuff. Boavista’s sister was kidnapped by a crazed photographer who kept photo trophies of his victims. Calli has some of the best lines in the show. I couldn’t help but say, “You know, I do like to date my co-worker’s sisters” when Caine rescued Anya. I couldn’t help it, the show has very little overall character development and things happen so fast that I can’t tell when Caine is going to date another sister of another CSI. Allison yelled at me for that.

CSI Miami – He was in love with Marisol, that wasn’t a random thing. Caine isn’t a serial dater. So don’t go there, Drew. Just don’t. He’s a good guy. And the woman that he was in love with berfore Marisol was his brother’s wife – so it’s not just women related to people that he works with – I think there just has to some sort of drama involved in his relationships.

CSI Miami – Follow-Up: Caine may not be a serial dater but you are right about hte drama needed for his realtionships. The women in his relationships need to be in mortal peril all the time. Not exactly healthy way to live a long life together.