National Daddy Daughter Tea Date is Tomorrow

Tea Date
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National Daddy Daughter Tea Date is tomorrow… for everyone else. For Eva and I it was today. Why? Well, I work weekend nights and wasn’t sure that I’d be awake and able to take Eva to tea tomorrow, so we went today. We went to Watson’s Candies & Café and it was wonderful. Eva and I had a great time, I met some nice people, Eva made friends and more.

Watson’s Candies & Cafe is a local place that specializes in delicious chocolates and bakery items. They also put on many different special kinds of Teas. On Friday’s they have story time from 9:30 – 10:30 and so Eva and I stopped by there on Wednesday and made a reservation. Eva got all dressed up and I even put on khakis and a button down shirt. Swanky.

Since Eva is a little to little for tea we had lemonade in our tea pot and tea cups instead. We sat down and there were some other families there. There were moms with their kids and a grandmother with her grandson. We learned that all of the children will be going to the same preschool in the fall. So, Eva made one friend during the event. They were both little extroverts and got along well.

Eva was a delight of course. She charmed everyone in the room. She is so outgoing. She asks everyone their names and becomes friends instantly.

While we were waiting for story time to start Eva did a little craft. Because we signed up ahead of time Watson’s was prepared for us and brought out a foam teapot frame for Eva to decorate with other Foam stickers. Then we could put a photo from our day into the frame. This is the frame and then below that will be the photo that will go into that frame.

We had a wonderful time together. We talked, made crafts, listened to story time and Eva got to play with some nice little girls that she’ll be in school with in the Fall. And on top of that Eva got to decorate a cookie. She was given a small container (I think it was the plastic containers used to hold chocolates. One part had frosting and a little popsicle stick to spread the frosting. The other contained candy hearts, M7MS and sprinkles. Eva was very particular about how she spread the frosting and placed the decorations. I wonder where she got that trait…

We had a wonderful morning together and then we picked up some tea and a scone for Allison and Eva was given a chocolate lollipop shaped like a butterfly with colorful sprinkles on top. It pays to make a reservation I guess. A wonderful morning. I certainly hope that the other Daddy’s out there who are exchanging their “tee time” for “tea Time” tomorrow have a great day with their daughters. I know I had so much fun with Eva. So go and enjoy National Daddy Daughter Tea Date with your daughter.

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  1. I wish I had known! I would have made my Dad take me out for tea!! What an awesome idea and such a precious memory for you two!

  2. Hi Andrew! It’s very rare to see a close relationship between a father & a daughter like yours. And I admire you for making time out of your busy schedule to have a date with your daughter. Not all fathers are like this. Keep up!

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