No One Likes a Skinny Santa

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My aunt and Uncle picked up this great new ornament for us for our Christmas Tree. Since Allison and I kayak we do enjoy Christmas ornaments like this one. We even incorporated kayaks into our custom wedding cake topper. Makes me want to get back out on the water very soon.

I’m dragging crazy butt today. Eva was up at 2:45am and that means that we have been up since that time too. But, we wouldn’t change these moments for anything. The time we spend together even if it is super early in the morning, she still says the cutest things then as well. I’m just feeling very fortunate to have her in our lives.

Tonight we watched Rudolph together. Have you ever really watched that as an adult? Santa is a real jerk early on in the movie and he only gets jolly once he gets fat. Seriously, I think that when Mrs. Claus is nagging him to eat she nails it on the head, “No one likes a skinny Santa!” So because no one likes him skinny he compensates by being more of a jerk to everyone.

He’s simply horrible to Rudolph. When Rudolph’s fake nose comes off after Rudolph shows he is the best flyer of all the fawns Santa tells his reindeer Dunder/Donder (real name was not Donner originally) that he (Donner) should be ashamed of himself. That is a terrible thing for Santa to say. Santa also blows off the elves when they try and sing him a song. Santa says something disparaging and then leaves.

But this all changes when Santa needs something from Rudolph. Later he is right on jolly once Mrs. Claus fattens him up. I’m not sure what message this movie is really trying to send but seeing it now I’m not so sure it is the best one for kids. It basically says: If you are different people will accept you only if they need you as a last resort. I expected more from Santa. He should be on his own naughty list after his intolerance of Rudolph. seems to have spent much more time on this overall theory, which is a little more harsh than mine in their video Santa is a D__K!.

9 thoughts on “No One Likes a Skinny Santa”

  1. And what about that head elf dude, who makes Hermy feel like garbage because he’d rather be a dentist than a toy maker? Like the whole Santa thing, the head elf only accepted Hermy for who he is, once his pal Rudolph was approved of by Santa.

    Personally, I think the Grinch cartoon provides a much better message. Yeah, the Grinch starts out being evil and steals all of the Whos’ stuff. But then he sees them all go out on Christmas morning to sing their little Who Christmas song, even though they had no presents and roast beast and Who-hash. In this case, the Grinch learned his lesson on his own, he didn’t decide to be nice to the Whos simply because it would be more convenient for him to do so.
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..It’s a major award! =-.

    1. Christine,
      Yes the head elf is also in league with Santa on his intolerance. Why two characters like this were needed is anyone’s guess, maybe to make it a buddy movie, who knows. I do like the Grinch message though, you nailed it.

  2. I don’t like any of those puppet Christmas movies they are all silly and have poor plot lines. If you want to see a great christmas movie check out “Yogi’s 1st Christmas” That is the all time best Christmas movie ever nothing else even comes close

    1. Stephen,
      Yeah the plotline are a bit weak, however we don’t generally watch these for the plot right? It is hard to look back on these as adults though.

  3. Crazy how society changes and how somethings that were once acceptable are no longer. When was the last time you saw a speedy Gonzales cartoon or the Tom and Jerry’s with the maid. There are gone probably for the best because they are sort of racist. However there is a lot of crap in the Christmas stuff that is not cool yet they endure.

    Personally I miss being nieve and not realizing how bad some of this stuff really is.

    1. Stephen,

      I hear you, you are a bit of a cynical curmudgeon these days. Rudolph was a Christmas Special I wanted to see every year and it was an event when it came on because it only happened once a year. Now you can DVR it or have it on DVD and it isn’t as special. That and Santa and many others are jerks in the movie. What happened to the really nice fellow from Santa Clause is coming to town?

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