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New Family Fun

Photo-A-Day #3232

I drove down to the Cape today to pick up a Tandem Kayak for the family. We bought it from our friend Kim at Cape Cod Kayak. The middle of winter might not be the best time to go kayaking but it is the best time to buy a kayak. This one is used but roto-molded plastic kayaks last forever. It will be a nice way to take the kids out for a paddle.

Part of my trip was to get down to the Cape and take some photos. I’ve seen so many photos from my fellow Imageloggers that have blown me away. I wanted to find some place more interesting than our living room and our town. So I went to the Train Bridge and to the Nobska Lighthouse to take some photos. I got some nice ones, too. Here are a few. Continue reading New Family Fun

My Fishing Partner

Photo-A-Day #3016

I’ve got quite a few days to catch up on as far as posts but I did finally upload the past week’s photos to ShutterCal and you can see them there.

Today I took Eva out on the water to kayak and fish. We’ve been contemplating buying a new kayak for the family. Maybe a double or maybe a single with a large cockpit so that the kids can paddle with us. We looked at some boats at Cape Cod Kayak however we’re not in a position right now to buy another big ticket item. So, instead I towed Eva around while she was in Allison’s boat. If I am going to do this often I have to figure out a better position for the tow rope.

This morning was overcast but I figured that we could get a couple of hours on the water. We got about an hour and a half of time on the water before the skies opened up and started pouring. Luckily I got Eva into the car before that happened. Unfortunately I still had to put everything into and onto the car in the pouring rain. I did get it done before thunder and lightening started as well. In all it was fun and Eva enjoyed being on the water with me. We’ll work on getting out more regularly.