My Fishing Partner

Photo-A-Day #3016

I’ve got quite a few days to catch up on as far as posts but I did finally upload the past week’s photos to ShutterCal and you can see them there.

Today I took Eva out on the water to kayak and fish. We’ve been contemplating buying a new kayak for the family. Maybe a double or maybe a single with a large cockpit so that the kids can paddle with us. We looked at some boats at Cape Cod Kayak however we’re not in a position right now to buy another big ticket item. So, instead I towed Eva around while she was in Allison’s boat. If I am going to do this often I have to figure out a better position for the tow rope.

This morning was overcast but I figured that we could get a couple of hours on the water. We got about an hour and a half of time on the water before the skies opened up and started pouring. Luckily I got Eva into the car before that happened. Unfortunately I still had to put everything into and onto the car in the pouring rain. I did get it done before thunder and lightening started as well. In all it was fun and Eva enjoyed being on the water with me. We’ll work on getting out more regularly.

4 thoughts on “My Fishing Partner”

  1. Have you considered a solid wooden pole with eyelets. that is how we use to make canoe rafts a million years ago in summer camp. That way it keeps the kayak directly behind you when towing but lets you also be parallel if you face each other.

    1. Lenny,
      I hadn’t considered that. My friend Kim suggested the towing option and it works pretty well. I may just attach the tow rope to the rear netting on the boat since I can get more of a tight purchase than around my gut.

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