Oliver! Oliver Watches the Watchmen. That’s who!

Oliver! Oliver Watches the Watchmen. That's who!
Photo-A-Day #1414

On my way home today I picked up a copy of Watchmen from Target. That was a bit surreal. I had read the graphic novel in college. I enjoyed it but didn’t get behind the hype of how it was one of the best Graphic novels of all time. So, with the movie coming out in a couple of weeks I thought I’d reread one of the greatest graphic novels of all time and see if it really stands up. Maybe now that I am older and have more life experience it will speak to me more.

In college I read Rising Stars, just volume one, and that was an amazing comic book. I thought it was so amazing I bought a special hard cover edition last year with some bonus money. I really enjoyed reading that entire story. The detail and the plot were really interesting and I liked the characters and their struggles. I hope that I get as much enjoyment out of Watchmen as I did from Rising Stars.

6 thoughts on “Oliver! Oliver Watches the Watchmen. That’s who!”

  1. A friend let me borrow the book way back in college. I liked it then and the story is coming back to me as I read it now.

  2. Ashley,
    If I were drinking something right now it would have been all over the screen. Oliver is the biggest scardey cat there is. Bad Ass, LOL.

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