Eva’s 1st Haircut

Eva's 1st Haircut
Photo-A-Day #1415

Today we had a major milestone in our life. Eva had her 1st haircut. She was really due for one and she was wonderful while she was getting it cut. We took her to our hair stylist and she did put Eva right at ease.

Allison was getting a cut right After Eva’s so we took separate cars so I could take Eva home after her cut. I got to the salon first and set up my cameras. Yes, I brought more than one. I had not one but two video cameras set up to record the event. Then I also had my DSLR with telephoto lens so I could stay far enough away so I didn’t distract Eva.

When got there she started by exploring the salon, she walked all around the place and waved to people in the chairs. We then sat her up on the chair so she could spin in the chair. You see, she love the office chair because it spins. We spin her slowly on the chair from time to time and she gets a huge kick out of it. So in an effort to put her at ease we spun her a few times in the chair before we did anything. After that it was up to Amanda to work her magic. Amanda was great with Eva.

We had a great morning and Eva came out with a very cute haircut. I took tons of photos and posted them to Flickr. Check them out.

12 thoughts on “Eva’s 1st Haircut”

  1. That’s so darling, her hair looks good. I actually thought to myself the other day that she needed a haircut, but then I thought perhaps you lot were letting her hair grow out.. lol

    I’ve never taken my boys in to get a pro cut, although I really should, considering I’m not so great at the haircutting unless it’s a buzzcut. Can’t tell ya how many awful haircuts they’ve had from me! lol I love it though. 🙂

  2. Chica,
    Yes, she was in need of a haircut, so much. Boys I think would be easier because of the buzzcut thing, I used to have my students in college cut my hair all the time. And in the summer my friend’s father would line up all the boys and we’d all get buzzcuts from the same clippers they used on the dog.

  3. All those “firsts” you experience really are the most precious moments. It’s great that you’ve got a physical version of that memory too contained forever in the photographs.

  4. Roger,
    You are quite correct. These firsts are really some precious moments. I’m glad I am able to be there and photograph them.

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