Only 2 Slots left in the Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest

Making Fry Sauce

I’m only taking two more entries into the Ultimate Fry Sauce Contest, right now we have 8 recipes and they all sound so delicious. Some hot, some mild, some born of late night desire for food. I’ve invited friend to the house this Saturday to try all of the sauces. I’m going to be picking up McDonald’s fries and grilling some burgers. The sauces are also sometimes called Burger Sauce so there may be some cross tasting.

I am working on a formal scorecard to give each of the judges. I am thinking of a ratings system of 1-5 on Taste, Fry Coverage, Use of Ingredients and some other categories. I think there will be 5 categories overall. Any suggestions for a scoring category?

Friday October 31st is the last day to get in your recipe. If I get the last two recipes before Friday I will close the competition.

I will be creating a video of the entire event and posting that along with the revelation of the winner. I am looking forward to this Saturday.

9 thoughts on “Only 2 Slots left in the Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest”

  1. Oh you are ruining the sauces with McD’s fries???? LOL I kid, I kid. Although I do think McD’s fries are far to salty. I love Artic Circle’s fries, yummm. now you got me craving some fries.

    Chicas last blog post..Pumpkin time!!

  2. Chica,
    Unfortunately I have to get fries that I can get home quick and keep warm. Allison would rather have Red Robin Fries and so would I but they are so far away from the house. I think Steak Fries would be good too. I agree that there is plenty of salt on Mickey D’s but we don’t have Arctic Circle around here, I think this how how we got on this whole Fry Sauce obsession trip.

  3. Stephen,
    I think your next letter should be to McCains to tell them to make tater tot logs so you can use them as Lincoln logs.

  4. Hey Drew..

    This is a fun idea.. everyone loves fries after all! I don’t know if you have ever watched the fine programming on the Oxygen network and caught the Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott reality show “Inn Love”. In Season 2, they left the B&B and moved back to LA and had the idea of creating a business called Small Fries that would just sell fries with a variety of gourmet dipping sauces to choose from. They didn’t stick to just the ingredients you have.. think they had a blue cheese and bacon sauce, brown gravy, all different kinds of spicy ones, sweet ones etc.. Don’t think it ever got off the ground officially, but they rented a trailer and went to a state fair to get people’s opinions on what they liked best… you’d probably get a kick out of the episode if you could find it. Anyway, good luck with your contest. I’ll be interested to hear of the winning sauce!!

  5. Hi Lorie,
    Thanks for the comment. I never watched the show you are talking about and didn’t even know it existed. The idea is pretty neat though. I’m looking forward to trying all the sauces. People were certainly free to try something different but the core ingredients needed to be present (Ketchup and Mayo). I’m even making up my own super secret recipe as well.

  6. I agree, Red Robin’s fries are SO GOOD. McDonald’s fries are okay if they are hot, but I’d rather have Wendy’s fries if it has to be fast food ones.

  7. Elizabeth,
    Red Robin just opened around here and we love going there. I don’t like Wendy’s fries or Wendy’s for that matter but Allison does so we occasionally eat there.

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