Probably Voids the Warranty

Probably Voids the Warranty
Photo-A-Day 1300

I’ve mentioned that my iGo Juice (The Best product for a traveler, EVER!) has been having troubles lately. I can’t blame it at all, this product has been a champ and road warrior for seven years. Seven years, 4 laptops, 6 cell phones, 2 PDAs and 4 MP3 Players as well as a Bluetooth Headset. What is the iGo Juice? It is a power adapter that can be used in a wall socket, a car cigarette lighter, and an airplane. It can simultaneously charge your laptop computer and a peripheral device. It also packs up into a slim zippered case.

In the past seven years that I have been a Road Warrior I have used the iGo Juice on a near daily basis. I did not want to crawl under my desk each day to unplug my laptop so I got an adapter that lived in my backpack. I took it everywhere with me, always. Except once.

I had gone to the Cape and I left the zippered package with the iGo on the sunporch. I then went to Wisconsin. I had a brand new laptop and no one else on site had the same one so I couldn’t get power for it and I had a demonstration for 4 hours the next day. So I looked around for a place to buy an iGo Juice so I could use it and return it, take the restocking fee hit but I would still be ahead. Well, I couldn’t find anywhere that sold them but they did have the Targus Notebook 70W AC/DC Power Adapter. This power adapter would work with my laptop.

In the end I didn’t return the new power adapter but instead tried to sell it on the company intranet. With so many travelers I thought it would be snatched up for a song. No takers. So this sat in my desk drawer for a two years untouched. When my iGo Juice started acting up a short in some wire or the base, not sure which one) I decided to take out the Targus power adapter. Today I was looking at the cords on the Targus and I noticed that the port for charging the peripherals is the exact size as the iGo. I thought about it for a few seconds and then plugged it in. It fit. Now I need to test it on something. I have been hanging on to my Treo 650 so that I could manually transfer all of my numbers from that device to my EnV. I finally accomplished that last week. So I took out the Treo iTip, plugged it into the power adapter and connected the Treo. It worked. The Treo is charging as we speak. I do not need to buy a brand new Juice but if I did want a new iGo Juice they are selling for 39.95 on, that is down from $119.00. An absolute steal. Believe me I’ve been in so many places where the iGo Juice has been perfect for me. Needed to make a call in Vancouver, dead battery, charged the phone in the car. Needed to do work (okay watch a movie) on a plane, used the plane adapter and was golden.