Opposable Thumbs

Optimus Prime can crush the heads of the inferior yet egomaniacally named Bruticus Maximus.

You may be made of five separate Decepticons but you cannot defeat me and my opposable thumbs.

I found Barricade of the combiner team Combaticons today at Wal-Mart, one of the last Transformers Energon characters I could find in the store. Good thing too because he completes the set of Combaticons I foudn for $1.73 each. I thought that Bruticus Maxiums (The combined form of the combaticons) would be a match for Optimus Prime, however he is a little short and doesn’t have hands. Rather he has weapons for hands. Fine for combat but he can’t pick anything up or hold anything. Prime is so much more superior with his articulated fingers and opposable thumbs.