Just because you can… PAD #1016

Just because you can... PAD #1016

doesn’t always mean that you should. Today Allison and I ran up to the Fed Ex distribution building which was very close to IKEA. So after we picked up our new phones (they were almost delivered yesterday) we went to take Eva on a walk through the giant store. Getting in today was nuts. When we go we have to make sure to go right when it opens because in the middle of the day the place is packed and a madhouse. Just getting into the parking area was a task in itself.

When we finally got to the parking area I saw this jeep parked in a space. It just happened to be half full of snow. I had to park and go back to get this shot because it was so bizarre.

Our IKEA trip has to have been one of the cheapest visits ever. We got Eva a bib shirt, some cloth napkins and a container to put under the pull out bed for the bed linens. 4 things, we’ve never walked out with just 4 things.

Tonight Allison and I watched Terminator. She had never seen it and I wanted a refresher on the history behind the Terminator series. We will be watching T2 before Monday’s new episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It is late so I won’t write a review of Terminator tonight, but watching it again I saw so many other things that I had missed the first couple of times.

For some Reason Utterz is not coming up. I will have a recording for this image added tomorrow. With my new Phone.

I also took two other photos today. One of Duncan and the other is of the Liberty Travel Mascots. One Statue of Liberty I can see, but two?

Statue of Liberty Shuffle

Lately I have been getting many spammy comments. They sound like they have been written by the LOLCats so I am convinced that they are from my own cats when they get pissed at me.

Dreaming of Spam

For Example I think Duncan sent me this comment on PAD #1013. “it is very worrisome.i realy apology for you.but dont worry.i think i have an ideo! you should buy a good branded computer.it maight be solve your problem.” (Actual comment, not approved.)

I also found a very interesting thing at CVS. It is up on my Mobile/Utterz Blog.

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12 thoughts on “Just because you can… PAD #1016”

  1. My A and I do that all the time with the truck. It is super fun except when you get stuck then you look like and idiot. We only did that once though. Really there are very few reasons to own a truck being able to park on huge piles of snow is one of the better ones. You just have to do it. For example say you owned a 1986 camaro with T-tops you would have to slide across the hook Dukes of hazzard style and jump in through the windows. Yes even if you were dressed in a suit and going to a client site. Cars tend to dicate your behavior.

    It is good to see the liberty travel people out. I love March when the liberty tax people come out. There is nothing funnier than some highschool boy dressed up like the statue of liberty pacing around in the rain. On the plus side the marketing works I certainly would never do my taxes there because the statue of liberty is a symbol of america. At tax time I don’t really like america. Seriously what entitiles you to 1/3 of everything I make? Come on I certainly do not get my monies worth from the Govt. Maybe if the government gave me a harrier jump jet I would be less bitter till them back off Uncle Sam. I love you but I sort of feel like I am supporting a crack addict. Perhaps we need an intervention to address your spending. Maybe A&E could film it

  2. Stephen,

    As always, your perspective on the situation is enlightening.

    Your comparison of the government to a crack addict is pretty much spot on. If we keep enabling the government with our money they will never learn how to handle it themselves.

    You could get Dr. Phil on to help with the intervention. That would be funny. I’m not a fan of Dr. Phil but I have a friend who does a great impression of him.

  3. I think I am gonna nickname mine Little Mr. Fab, but I have a feeling that name is already taken. Since you name your phone I think I should do the same. Maybe I should have a contest to name my phone. I wonder if anyone would care? The phone rocks. I love being able to do IM on it.

  4. The picture of the jeep reminds me of the way my hubby used to park with his Bronco. We could have had our own paparazzi, he parked funky enough times. LOL. That duncan of your’s is sassy, what a nice cat! 🙂

  5. Daisy,

    This is Duncan, my Drew tells me that he will not negotiate with feline terrorists. I will have to step up my efforts to get those treats.

  6. Hey lad, I will work on the tag, I do not answer tags on this blog but I will post it up on my mobile blog. I appreciate you thinking of me.

    I have no idea why they would have two statues, makes no sense to me.

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