New & Old… PAD# 1049

New & Old... PAD# 1049

Somehow Allison and I have been acquiring old cameras. Whether they be from family or friends we get them and display them on our entertainment center. With the old computer running as a Media Center PC we had to place the webcam somewhere with a good vantage point of the room. So the webcam shares space with a Revere 16mm movie camera. I did a search for the camera and there were so many models produced. I couldn’t find the particular one that we have though. It has 2 lenses and is says model 36 on the bottom. A quick search on ebay shows it is pretty much worthless, but for the history of this item as well as the design I think it is priceless. It is so fun seeing how technology has changed in such a short period of time.

My friends at Utterz are going to South by Southwest. I wish I could be there to be an Utterz reporter. Not this year. But if you are going to SXSW then you should check into becoming an Utterz reporter.

I beat Slash in about 30 seconds on easy today, right out of the gate. Allison is much further along than I am in the game but I am catching up. I keep going back over the earlier songs to play them again and be much better. I haven’t done any perfect yet but soon, I hope.

I totally called it for the end of Lost tonight. My recap will be on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo tomorrow.

Also, check out my friend Chica’s blog, she has an amazing photoblog and she is doing a little project called Project Virgin. My friend Andy would like this one. The challenge is to upload untouched photos to your blog alongside the ones that you retouch in Photoshop. I never really pay much attention to my ‘process’ but I should and Chica really makes me think more about what I should be looking for when I photograph.

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6 thoughts on “New & Old… PAD# 1049”

  1. GAH!! your totally selling me on the Wii and GH man, It’s going to be ancient news by the time I get around to one lol.

    Love the old camera, looks awesome, if I had an opportunity to decorate with those, I would. I used to have an old Polaroid camera, don’t know what happened to it though. I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for old cameras in my yard sale hopping this summer. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Project Virgin: With Marble Lineup

  2. Sorry about that, I hope you find a Wii. They are just so much fun and yeah GH is a ton of fun, I love playing it.

    I haven’t actively sought and of these cameras but I should start if that is something I want to get into. Like I need something else to collect.

  3. ‘Sean’ strikes again, this time with a more relevant comment. But still violating the comment policy. And the comment actually makes sense too.

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