Wish her luck…

I met Courtney in Las Vegas at PostieCon. She told me about her goal of participating in all 50 of the Tour de Cure bike races. The Tour de Cure is for diabetes research to end that terrible disease. She is going to be participating in a race this Sunday down in Florida. And as luck would have it I am going to be in Florida this weekend as well. Actually I’m going to be there for the next two weeks. I have a week of work related things to do and a week of vacation, throw in two weekends and I’m going to have a great time.

But back to Courtney. I really wanted to see her ride. She has a killer road bike and is doing miles and miles of training all the time. Me, I much prefer the slower pace of a beach cruiser bicycle. But then again I enjoy a much more leisurely pace. Courtney however is a fireball with enough energy to run a small nuclear reactor. Seriously, she tires me out just watching her. So I better get some rest before I catch up with her on Sunday afternoon. I’m meeting up with Courtney as well as with Alli and I can’t wait. I haven’t seen either of them since Las Vegas and each of us had some common interests that we shared.

Later in the week I am going to be visiting my in-laws and I really wish that they had a cruiser bike. They live in a gated community with wide sidewalks and plenty of places to ride. I know that I’d get out and tour around the complex each day if I had some big fat tires, a comfortable seat and plenty of sunshine. The bike below would be perfect for those purposes.

I wonder if I could order and have the 26″ XYZ Easyrider Beach Cruiser waiting for me at their house. I could order it from CruiserStyle.com. Maybe I will see about ordering up a bike to keep at their house, one I could ride when we go down to visit. I certainly hope that the snow up here does not impede our trip tomorrow. I would hate to miss out on hearing all about Courtney’s bike race. I wish I could be there to cheer her on. Maybe when the Tour de Cure comes through Massachusetts. Maybe then we can go and see her ride for a cure.

2 thoughts on “Wish her luck…”

  1. Drew, this is hilarious “Courtney however is a fireball with enough energy to run a small nuclear reactor.” I LOVE IT!!! And it’s so true, but you’ve defined it in a way that’s never been defined before 🙂

  2. Well, it is true and I love coming up with descriptions for how much energy you have. Your riding is inspiring. And keeping up with you is tiring. Great, now I am rhyming like Roadblock.

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